LLM Comparison

The University of Cambridge's LLM, like the MCL, is a full-time lecture-oriented Masters programme offered by Cambridge's Faculty of Law. Potential MCL applicants may well be considering applying to the LLM, widely recognised as a pre-eminent programme of its kind. The Law Faculty welcomes simultaneous applications to the two courses, though those offered a place on both courses must choose between the offers and the election is irrevocable

Factors that will determine whether potential students apply for admission to the MCL, the LLM or both will vary according to the individual, so a careful perusal of this website and the LLM’s website is advised before final decisions are reached. Nevertheless, key similarities and differences between the MCL and LLM can be identified. 

Key similarities:

  • The MCL and the LLM are both full-time nine-month Masters degree programmes primarily oriented around lecture courses and seminars evaluated by written examination.
  • Both programmes have high admissions standards.
  • The curriculum for both programmes is comprised of courses designed specifically for graduate students.
  • Students undertaking each programme will be a member of a college.

Key differences:

  • The MCL focuses exclusively on corporate-related issues, providing an excellent academic platform for fledgling corporate lawyers.
  • The MCL cohort is smaller than that of the LLM (approximately 25 vs. approximately 175).
  • A Deals Course that combines practical and academic insights in a transactional setting is offered to MCL students only.
  • MCL students take four one-term MCL-exclusive modules in addition to two full-year courses, meaning that MCL students will study six subjects rather than four while having the same overall course load as LLM students.
  • With modules being taught and examined within the same term, MCL students, unlike LLM students, are given exam performance feedback prior to the LLM exam period in Easter Term.

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