Received an Offer?

Accepting the offer

If you receive an offer of a place on the MCL and you wish to accept it, you must formally register your acceptance via your online self-service account and take some additional steps in order to meet the conditions of your offer. All offers of a place on the MCL course are conditional in the first instance, as they automatically come with college membership and finance conditions attached. In addition, applicants who are engaging in academic studies when they apply are likely to have academic conditions attached to their offer.

Reservation fee

If you have received an offer of an MCL place and you wish to accept it, you must pay a reservation fee of £3,000 within one month of the Graduate Admissions Office (GAO) notifying you of the offer. This amount will be applied against your course fee once you take up your place. Failure to pay the reservation fee on time will result in the revocation of the offer of a place on the MCL.

Meeting offer conditions

To take up your place on the MCL at the beginning of the academic year in October you must meet the conditions of your offer by 31 July. If you do not do so your offer will lapse. Once you have satisfied the conditions attached to your offer you must send the evidence to the GAO, who will record your conditions as met on your self-service account.

College membership

When the Graduate Admissions Office sets your offer your application will simultaneously be sent to the college choices you nominated on your application form. If your nominated colleges cannot offer a place, other colleges will be contacted. Once the process is complete the GAO and the relevant college will notify you of your college membership.

Multiple offers

If in addition to the MCL you have applied for admission to the LLM programme or another University of Cambridge course for the same year of entry and have received an offer of a place, you must choose between the offers. The election is irrevocable and permanent. Please note that no one who accepts an offer to join the MCL programme will be allowed to transfer to the LLM, or vice versa.

Obtaining a visa

If you need a visa to study at Cambridge, obtaining the relevant documentation is your responsibility. Please see the GAO's webpage on immigration for details on the procedure for obtaining a visa to study at Cambridge. Delays can easily occur with the granting of a visa so you should begin the procedure as early as possible.

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