Financial Matters

In 2018-19 the course fee for the MCL is £30,000, £3,000 of which takes the form of a reservation fee to secure a place on the course after an offer of admission to the programme has been made.

In addition to the course fee, MCL students should anticipate outlays of at least £12,000 on accommodation, living expenses and travel.

Detailed University information about finance, including fees and living costs, is available in the finance section of the University's Graduate Admissions Office website.

The GAO's finance web pages also contain information about funding, including a funding database which prospective students can search to find sources of funding for which they are eligible, according to various criteria.

Pembroke College offers the Richard Sykes QC Studentship in Corporate Law for one student at the college that covers fees for the MCL. More information is available on the Pembroke website.  Please note that admission to the MCL is a separate process run by the Law Faculty and not by Pembroke College. Correspondingly, an MCL applicant to whom an offer has been made must fulfil all conditions associated with the offer notwithstanding that he or she may have been awarded the Studentship.

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