For MCL students half of their overall course load consists of four one-term electives, referred to as 'modules', chosen from a selection on offer. Each module provides MCL students with the opportunity to investigate in depth and in a small group setting important, intellectually challenging corporate topics. Law Faculty members involved with the MCL co-ordinate and examine each module but various modules will be tailored to involve academics from other Cambridge University departments, distinguished legal practitioners and eminent visitors from universities in continental Europe, North America and elsewhere.

Each module encompasses 16 hours of formal instruction, occurring in a single term, either first term (Michaelmas) or second term (Lent). Assessment of each module occurs at the end of the term in which it is taught. Students normally take two modules per term in each of Michaelmas and Lent Terms but, depending on the modules they choose, they may have three modules in one term and one in the other.

The modules on offer in 2017-18 are:

  • Aspects of Financial Regulation;
  • International Merger Control;
  • The Law Firm as a Business;
  • Shareholder Litigation;
  • US Corporate Law.


We want to give incoming students early notice of the modules on offer in the academic year 2018-19. Accordingly, we list the modules that are expected to run in 2018-19 and those that are expected not to run, with the important proviso that these arrangement are inevitably subject to change if unforeseen circumstances arise between now and the start of the 2018-19 academic year.

Inevitably one or two popular modules will not be offered in the coming year. This is almost always because of research leave of members of the Faculty integral to running that paper.

Expected to run:

Full Year



Aspects of Financial Regulation
Corporate Taxation
International Merger Control
The Law Firm as a Business
Shareholder Litigation
US Corporate Law

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